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Wikipedia is one of the finest websites in the world mostly used by everyone who wants to know about any topic or subject. There are over 45,235,592 Wikipedians registered a username on English Wikipedia only.

One of the reasons why English Wikipedia has this much or users is because it is the most common language on Wikipedia followed by Cebuano, Swedish, German, French, Dutch, Russian, and Italian.

Many people want to have a page on the platform but they don’t know how to build a Wikipedia profile for themselves. There is no worry if you don’t know the ins and outs of Wikipedia because here is a complete guide that will help you to create a Wikipedia profile.

How Do You Get A Wikipedia Profile

Getting a Wikipedia profile is not that hard if you know about the policies and guidelines of the platform. Wikipedia is really strict about the content getting published on the website and that is why has a lot of rules and regulations for the contributor.

Well! There are many things that one has to consider when creating a profile on the platform, such as notability, vandalism, conflict of interest, and much more which will be discussed below.

Notability: It refers that the subject or topic you want to create a Wikipedia profile about must have something notable to be eligible to have a profile on the platform.

Vandalism : It refers to the policy that no one is encouraged to dishonor the rules and regulations provided by the platform. If you want to write a profile on the platform then it should be according to the guidelines provided by Wikipedia.

Conflict-Of-Interest : It refers that anyone in the Wikipedia community is not allowed to create a profile for themselves, their own business , friends, family, and any other subject related to them.

No Original Research : it refers that the platform doesn’t allow anyone to include any research that the writer does by themselves, such as taking interviews, doing surveys, and other things.

Verifiability : It signals that the statement you are adding to the Wikipedia profile must have a source linked to it for backup. Everything you add to your profile must have a verifiable source to strengthen the statement.

Plagiarism : It means that you are not allowed to copy content from any of your resources. Taking data from the source is one thing but copying the exact thing is another. You should avoid the copy-paste method.

Create A Wikipedia Profile – Decisive Writing Steps To Follow

When creating a Wikipedia page, it is important to go through anything and everything so your content turns out to be good and non-rejectable.

A Thorough Research And Material Gathering

A thorough research is a foremost important thing for you because without properly researching your topic or subject you would not be able to produce the finest content. Wikipedia itself is the platform where several people intend to research the topic. And because of this Wikipedia only supports articles that clearly identify the purpose of the content.

To research your subject, you can use internet sources, online journals, research pages, and anything that you find supportable for a Wikipedia profile. You can add a bookmark or keep your researched material in a file or document to keep everything in a single place.

Create An Outline

After researching and gathering material, you can move to your next step which is creating an outline of Wikipedia profile. The more important thing to focus on here is that every Wikipedia has the same format or outline. And it is necessary for you to keep up with that.

The main element of the Wikipedia format is that it has chronological formatting. It means you have to write from the start and then end it with the most recent information. Such as if you are wiring about an individual, then you will start from the early education or background, and end it with the latest activity.

The timeline of the subject makes it easy for the readers to understand and go through each and everything without getting confused and it is the preferred format for the website.

Writing The Content

When you create an outline then half of your problem about how to create a Wikipedia profile gets solved. Writing content becomes much easier for you if you create an outline. Although there are a few things that you should have to consider.

Writing content on Wikipedia is much more different than writing an e-book or blog. You should the content in a formal tone and use simple vocabulary to make it easy for the readers to understand. It is good if you read some already existing Wikipedia pages to get to know about the writing style on the platform much better.

Editing Your Content

How to make Wikipedia profile that is good to go? For this, you have to ensure that the content you are writing is error-free. There should not be any problem or any kind of mistake in your content, or it will lead you to the rejection of the profile.

Make sure to remove any grammatical or spelling mistakes, and along with it take care of the sentence fragments, incomplete sentences, and phrases that are not necessary.

Create The Final Draft

After all the steps above, you will have got to know how to make Wikipedia profile. What you have to do now is to create the final draft that doesn’t have any errors and is ready to go. If you want to add any images to your content, then it will be good enough to make your content more alluring and presentable.

Keep the final draft save and move to the next step of your Wikipedia profile.

How To Have A Wikipedia Profile – The Account Creation Process

Next is to create an account on Wikipedia . For the account, creation follows the steps below.

Visit Wikipedia Official Website

How to have a Wikipedia profile? For this, you have to first have an account. Visit the official website of Wikipedia and find the “ create account ” option at the upper right corner of the page.

Fill The Form

When you click on the create account option, the website will redirect you to the form submission page. Here you have to fill in the related information such as the username, password, email address, and captcha. After adding all of your information click on the “create your account” option.

Verify your Email Address

Wikipedia will send you a verification link to make sure that it is you who has requested an account on the platform. Verify it and you will again be directed to the official website.

That is how you will have an account on Wikipedia.

How To Get A Wikipedia Profile – The Submission Process

Now is the final step to having a profile on the Wikipedia page. After you have the final draft and an account you can submit your profile on the platform. So, follow the guidelines to get to the end of the process smoothly.

Make 10 Edits On Existing Pages

It is important that you make at least 10 edits before submitting your profile to the platform. In the dashboard, Wikipedia suggests some of the pages that might need some attention. You can choose the pages you want to edit.

Editing the pages on the platform keeps you assured that you know and understand the writing style of the content that is being published on the platform, so you double check your all content. Although it is essential to get to know the website better by editing the articles available.

Keep Your Account For Four Days

It is Wikipedia’s policy that you must keep the account for almost four days. It is important because, before the time duration of 4 days, you will not be to submit your profile. So, to be eligible to publish the profile, your account has to be four days old.

Go To The Sandbox

Sandbox is the place where you will start writing Wikipedia profiles and submit them to the official editors of the platform . At the upper right you will see your username with a symbol of a person , click it and in the drop-down menu select “sandbox”

Paste Your Content

You will be directed to the page where you will see the text box. Inside the text box, you have to paste you content of the Wikipedia profile that you have written before.

After pasting your content, once again read it to ensure that you are giving the platform everything right. And once you are ready click “publish page.” This is how you will get your article submitted on the platform.

How Much Time Does It Take To Get The Wikipedia Profile Accepted?

It usually takes a minimum of three months to a maximum of six months to get a Wikipedia profile published. Undoubtedly it is a long time to wait for your Wikipedia profile to get published.

It is suggested to make sure that you presented and submitted the best Wikipedia profile that is written as per the guidelines of the platform. Also, make sure that you understand the submission guideline of the platform and keep everything according to them.

After Publication Requirements

If your Wikipedia page gets rejected then you have to analyze the point where you have gone wrong. And fortunately, if your profile gets accepted then congratulations to you. But this is not the end. Many people things that writing and publishing a profile on the platform is enough. But it is not, you have to ensure that you take of the post-publication requirements by the platform.

Wikipedia allows anyone to edit the page which means that anyone on the platform can edit your page. what you have to do is to make sure that the edit made by the third person is as per your accordance. If it is not how you like it, then you must have to re-edit it to make certain changes.

Also, it is essential for you to maintain and update your page. Profile maintenance is very crucial for the subject. If the readers always get the same outdated information with nothing new or updated to read, then there will be no use for the Wikipedia page for them. So, you have to ensure that you keep the page updated according to the events happening.

Another thing to take care of is to know if there is any report of spam. Wikipedia removes any profile that is being continuously reported or marked as spam. So, you should keep checking your Wikipedia profile once in a while to keep an eye on it.

How Do I Get A Wikipedia Profile

A Wikipedia profile can be made with the steps that are discussed above. But the main problem here is that not all people are that expert to write a professional profile on the platform. That is why it is good that you hire a corporation to get professional services regarding profile creation.

The agencies that create Wikipedia pages have a bunch of talented individuals, such as writers, researchers, editors, and others who work passionately to make sure that the customer gets what they want from the Wikipedia profiles.

They do thorough research and write according to the rules and regulations provided by the platform. The editors have keen eyes for any error and the other team member make sure to keep the profile updated and maintained.

In the daily hustle and bustle of life, no one has the time and energy to research, write, edit, publish, and maintain a Wikipedia profile. This is why, the agencies are here for support. They keep their clients away from any problems and hassle, but provide them with outstanding result-driven Wikipedia profiles.

So, if you want a Wikipedia profile, then consider choosing one of the agencies that can do the work for you. It will be a convenient and easy way to get a Wikipedia profile.

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