How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Someone

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Are you thinking of creating a Wikipedia page? But still not sure why it is important for someone to have a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia with 43 million visitors globally. Whether a person searches for anything on any search engine, because of its credibility and authenticity, Wikipedia always appears on top results.

As the 5th most visited website, Wikipedia is considered as the most trusted platform, because of its high reliability and credibility, Wikipedia contains all types of information, whether it is about a historical event or about any pop culture artist. With more than sixty million articles being featured right now in more than 300 languages, Wikipedia is one the largest platforms with thousands of active contributors.

The first question is, Can I Make A Wikipedia Page About Someone

Creating a Wikipedia page for someone is a difficult task for anyone, as it does have restrictions. It asks to read and understand thoroughly the policies and guidelines described on the pages provided by Wikipedia.

By providing free access to its readers, Wikipedia also enables its users the privileges to not only to create a Wikipedia page easily but also have the whole ownership of their page. And the most notable part is that Wikipedia provides all of these services free of cost. So, if you want to learn How to create a Wikipedia page for someone, just make sure to follow the guidelines of Wikipedia.

How To Start A Wikipedia Page For Someone

Having a Wikipedia page is all about the credibility of information and sources, so to create a Wikipedia page, understanding and following the policies and guidelines is the most essential part. To maintain the trustworthiness of their readers, Wikipedia does not just approve everyone’s content and articles. The editors of this platform make sure that the content has followed all the policies and guidelines step by step. If you are creating a Wikipedia page for someone, for whom searching there is already content available, then make sure to add the links, but overlinking is also restricted in the guideline.

In short, a Wikipedia page must be created while carefully understanding and following the guidelines and policies gradually.

Understanding How To Create Wikipedia Page For A Person?

As mentioned above, if you want to learn how to make a Wikipedia page for someone, the first thing is to look through carefully at the guidelines and policies provided by this online platform. Keep in mind that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a promotional platform, so this platform censors all the content and articles that are created for self-promotion or for personal interest.

When creating a Wikipedia page, the main thing for the page to get approval is the credibility and authenticity of the information that is used in the content, with high quality.

Here are the basic guidelines for someone who wants to learn, How To Make A Wikipedia Page For Someone:

  • Importance Of Notability Of The Content

This first step in the creation of a Wikipedia page, the topic or the person you want to create the content and page should be notable and famous enough so that Wikipedia can easily accept the content by approving it.

  • Crosscheck The Page Doesn’t Already Exist

For eligibility in these guidelines is the nobility of the topic, but it is also necessary to make sure that there should not be a page or content or article existing before. Because according to the guideline, if there is a page before, then your page will be included in the deletion process.

  • Make Sure The Sources Are Not Primary

Wikipedia always prefers information or sources as being secondary, although there is no restriction for any language or quantity of the sources. This platform mainly focuses on linking and referencing the sources on the quality of the written content.

Listing Down The Policies Before Start Writing Content

As Wikipedia is one of the largest free encyclopedias, it is crucial for the editors of Wikipedia to make sure and maintain the credibility of the content published on Wikipedia, as this platform is trusted by billions of users because of the authenticity of the information available there.

But before submitting to Wikipedia’s editor, the creator of the content has to make sure to carefully follow throughout the guidelines and policies provided by Wikipedia. If you know How To Create A Wikipedia Article About A Person, but still better to keep in mind these policies before start creating content for the Wikipedia page;

  • Make Sure The Content Is Not Much Wordy

The thing to be careful about in the initial state is to make sure that the content should have to be written in an unbiased format but in the simplest and most direct speech. To keep the content clear, make sure not to add extra content that is not needed.

  • Be Careful While Linking The Page

If you are going through the process of How To Create A Wikipedia Article About A Person, it is necessary to make sure to add links to other pages and essays, but make sure to give a reference or cite it. Content with overlinking and no links at all shows the authenticity of the content.

  • Don’t Duplicate Work; Keep Your Scope Maintained

Since many readers just read the first few sentences of a page, it is important to state the objective and scope in clear terms early on. Content must adhere to the policy’s restrictions. Reduce redundancy wherever the content of two advisingpages overlaps. When one policy relates to another, it should do so simply, plainly, and transparently.

Benefits of creating a Wikipedia page for someone

Nowadays, nearly everyone is aware of Wikipedia, the living encyclopedia where anybody may suggest or contribute pages, articles, and knowledge about just about anything by creating a Wikipedia page for someone, contributing in a boost in both search and backlinks, improving credibility and more traffic. After Understanding How To Create A Wikipedia Page On Someone, Here We List Down The Benefits Of Having A Wikipedia Page

  • Provide accurate and knowledgeable facts about someone.
  • By writing an article with a link to your resource, you boost the credibility of that resource.
  • The credibility and presence of SERPs are increased by having a Wikipedia presence.

Steps to How Do You Start A Wikipedia Page for someone

  • Eligibility Of The Topic

Having the knowledge that not all topics and subjects are eligible for inclusion on Wikipedia. The verification of the information is just as important for every topic of content as notability. This fundamental criterion is used as the basis for Wikipedia’s notability idea, which preventstopics from being included randomly. Topics for articles and lists should be noteworthy or worth mentioning.

It is not necessary to consider popularity, importance, or fame for determining notability; rather, it should be done in accordance with

  • The general notability guideline criteria or
  • Notability guidelines and
  • Have complied with Wikipedia standards.
  • First Research More About Wikipedia

After understanding your topic, if you want to know How To Make A Wikipedia Page On Someone, first you have to know all about Wikipedia. To do everything in perfection, conduct research about this platform first. Make sure to read and understand every single policy and guideline provided by this Wikipedia and also study some of the published pages for more guidance. By studying this you can design pages that will be less likely to be removed or opposed through the official review process.

  • Create A Wikipedia Account

Creating an account on this platform is the first step in the process of creating a Wikipedia page. Apart from creating a page, you can avail many more benefits, such as free editing, access to a permanent user page to post a few pictures, and a short bio, can create credibility as a Wikipedia writer, can access to visit the talk page to engage in conversation with other people and other member tools.

You can create a Wikipedia account easily by following these simple steps,

  • Visit the create an account page
  • Fill in the information, making sure to use your real information such as username, and email address.
  • By making an account, you will be logged in immediately.
  • Modify And Edit Existing Pages

Since only user-generated content is accessible on Wikipedia, you should edit and add to existing accounts and pages to increase your trust there. Start by regularly updating existing posts for consistency, veracity, and accuracy. Your credibility on the site will grow as you participate more in content improvement, which will give your page a better chance of being published.

Following that, you should double-check to see if somebody has already claimed the topic. Also, there’s a chance that you may connect or update similar topics to your intended page. To find any pages that might be related to your chosen topic, use the search bar.

  • Research and collect sources

Make sure to conduct thorough research on your subject before starting to create your Wikipedia page. Make sure that you hold expertise in the related topic you are going to write in the content. In order to establish your credibility and recognition in your drafts, make sure to cite both internal and external sources.

On Wikipedia, verifiable, credible sources are crucial. Take particular attention to the references, essays, and publications you can refer to. The information should be accurate and objective. make sure to have the reference of the source to support the content of the Wikipedia page by citation.

  • Now Comes The Writing Process

After all the research and collection of the sources, the writing process starts with the creation of an outline for the page. While writing the Wikipedia page, keep in mind that this page does not just act as an informational source for someone, but it is nowadays can be beneficial as informative, considerate, and beneficial, giving searchers the information, they need.

The primary purpose of the site is encyclopedic and impartial, despite the fact that Wikipedia pages can greatly benefit your marketing efforts. Using the wrong tone or boasting about someonemight result in the removal of your page, so doing this is not a good practice. You can now begin drafting the information for your intended Wikipedia article. It can be typed into the Wikipedia interface directly or copied and pasted from a text editor.

  • Uploading The Page For Review

Once the writing process is completed, you can now easily submit your draft of your page to Wikipedia for further processing. Although it takes time, a review by Wikipedia is crucial for any page before creating a page.

Ensure that you include sources in your draft. They consist of fact-checking-friendly publications such as books, newspapers, magazines, journals, and websites. Press releases, corporate profiles, or social media do not meet the criteria. As we already know, publishing on Wikipedia is incredibly difficult; it may take several rejections before your page or article is accepted.

Tips on How To Maintain Your Wikipedia Page Over A Longer Time

Your work is not done even after the page has been published. Investing ina Wikipedia page is as a long-term strategy. Even years later, you can still use the page to your advantage. Nevertheless, to keep the Wikipedia page of someone to stay for a longer time, checking and keeping the maintenance of the page is necessary.

  • Keeping The Page Updated

Keeping the page updated is crucial because of the information and algorithm’s ongoing development. To prevent your readers from assuming that the content on the page is out-of-date, you must maintain the article updated.

  • Editing The Page Regularly

Wikipedia has millions of its own editors who continue to edit the pages, and in addition to them, a large number of volunteer editors also continue to edit the pages. This simply means that there are millions of chances that the content on the page will be changed and edited. Checking the page on a frequent basis is what you do.

  • Maintain The Page

Your page has to be kept up with. For the best experience for your reader, you must regularly check and maintain your page. To prevent misunderstandings and inaccurate information, it’s important to maintain the Wikipedia page.


To summarize, having a Wikipedia page has become an essential part of many people’s lives. This article has briefly discussed the guideline of how to start a Wikipedia page for someone. Making a Wikipedia page for someone is simple if you follow the phases and methods listed above. For improved digital growth, the platform must be utilized as it undoubtedly has numerous benefits for someone. The greatest benefit is that there is no entry fee for Wikipedia, which is undoubtedly the best part. Further guidelines must be followed. Therefore, you can easily write a Wikipedia article about someone.

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