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As Wikipedia has risen and is globally known as one of the largest reference websites, it has become necessary for authors to create and have a Wikipedia page for themselves and for their books as well. With almost 5 billion pageviews daily, this platform is considered more than just an encyclopedia. With a Wikipedia page, an author can not only enhance their writing career but also assist to strengthen their presence for online readers as well.

As Wikipedia is known for its unbiased content, many people who are seeking information for their favorite author or book, they always search Wikipedia for authentic information.

This online encyclopedia stands out from other encyclopedias, by containing 6 million articles in more than 300 languages. So, if an author wants to increase their credibility with their readers, they don’t know much about how to create a Wikipedia page for an author, in this article they will get to know more than just the importance of having a Wikipedia page and how to create one.

How Having A Wikipedia Page Beneficial For Authors?

Wikipedia Is world-widely known as the house of information from all around the world. Because of that reason, nowadays it is widely used for digital marketing as well. If an author has a Wikipedia page, their fan readers from all around the world can know more details about their books and themselves as well. there are more reasons to have a Wikipedia page for an author, but few are mentioned below;

  • Increase the trust and credibility

Most people trust Wikipedia when it comes to reading authentic information with sources. With thousands of pages and articles individually created for authors and their books as well, this platform is the best to seek all the information without worrying about the credibility of the information.

By having a Wikipedia page increases the credibility of the page, and it also assists to enhance the trust level of readers with authors. If a reader from any corner of the world will find a Wikipedia page for an author, they will think of that author as a reliable author with credible books.

  • Increases the fan base

An author without a fanbase is like a book without any characters. So, by creating a Wikipedia page for an author, not only improves the fanbase of an author but also enhances the reputation all across the world. This is the best platform to increase the fanbase of an author. When one creates content for a Wikipedia page for an author, they need to focus on the quality of the content.

To engage more followers and fans to the Wikipedia page, make sure to create the content for the Wikipedia page with proper research, as Wikipedia doesn’t accept every piece of content, they have a team of writers and editors who carefully review the content to identify the authenticity of the information.

  • Promotes on a larger scale

Wikipedia is now used as a platform largely used for digital marketing. When anything is being searched online, Wikipedia is always one of the top links in the SERPs. So, by learning how to create a Wikipedia page for an author, a page must be created for an author if they want to promote themselves on a worldwide scale.

So, if a book is being searched by a reader online, the Wikipedia page of the author will automatically pop up at the top of the SERP. This is the best way to increase the reputation of someone. As Wikipedia allows writing content in multiple languages, it becomes more convenient for readers to read in their understandable language.

  • Proves Nobility

In the creation of the Wikipedia page, the most important thing is the nobility of the subject. If you are aware of how to create a Wikipedia page for an author, you need to research to make sure that the subject is notable enough to have a Wikipedia page. It is clearly mentioned in the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia that their editors don’t approve content that lacks notability.

If the subject is notable enough but doesn’t have any Wikipedia page, then create a Wikipedia page with the most authentic information. While creating the page for an author, make sure to add cites and references of the books of that author to enhance the online publicity.

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Policies And Guideline to Follow How To Create A Wikipedia Page For A Book Or An Author

Although Wikipedia is one of the largest encyclopedias and platforms with a ton of information, it is not easy for every piece of content to get approved for a page. The team of expert editors has provided a list of policies and guidelines to assist them in creating content according to it, and to maintain the credibility of Wikipedia pages.

So, by following the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia the content for a Wikipedia page is created, it would increase the chances for the Wikipedia page to be published by the editors of Wikipedia. Here are the basic policies and guidelines to help a writer to create a Wikipedia page for an author with authenticity.

  • Avoid Information from Primary Sources

While creating a Wikipedia page for an author make sure not to add any information or data from primary sources. According to the policy of Wikipedia, they always prefer information from secondary sources with references.

There is no restriction in the policy and guidelines regarding the language of the secondary source, but they always had to be quality written content.

  • Self-Publication

While creating a Wikipedia page for an author, keep in mind that use of self-published sources are strictly prohibited in Wikipedia. Make sure not to use the information written by the author themselves, to avoid the restriction of the self-published source.

This information can be used only if the content doesn’t start to center that information and if there is not a single doubt about the authenticity of the information.

  • No Personal Attacks

Wikipedia also condemns personal attacks and any harmful speech in the content according to their policies. If a content of a Wikipedia page used any type of harmful content to attack other authors or anyone, Wikipedia will ban the writer for a period of time.

  • Banning Policy

As it is obvious, if any writer or editor violates any of the policies of Wikipedia, they are banned from editing or creating any further content on Wikipedia, even they are not allowed to edit their own content. The ban is valid till the authorities don’t approve the lifting of the ban, sometimes these bans last forever.

  • Avoid Duplicated Work

An author’s Wikipedia page must comply with the restrictions of the policy. It’s important to define the purpose and scope in order to give a clear answer early on because many readers only read the first few lines of a page. Where two advising pages share the same text, lessen repetition. It should be clear, transparent, and easy to understand how one policy connects to another.

Wondering How To Create A Wikipedia Page For A Book Or An Author?

There are a few aspects that need to be taken into account while figuring out how to create a Wikipedia page for a book or an author. In order to get it accepted and made public on the Wikipedia platform, here is a detailed guideline to assist writers in creating an author’s Wikipedia page, which takes time and strict respect to the Wikipedia rules.

Basic Steps To Create A Wikipedia Page For An Author

Here are the basic steps and guidelines to help the creator of the Wikipedia page for an author.

  • Create an account

The first step is to create an account on Wikipedia. Create the account for the author and user separately. With the user page, the creator will be able to contribute to the further pages of Wikipedia to increase credibility. You can create an account by following the step,

  • Go to
  • Click on the “create an account” in the right top corner
  • Fill in the information of the author with an appropriate username and a secure password.
  • Study and understand the policies and guidelines

After creating the account, the first thing is to study and go through all the policies and guidelines provided by Wikipedia. These policies and guidelines need to be followed by the creator and writers of the Wikipedia pages if they want their pages to get approved. Here are of a short list of policies and guidelines;

  • First, confirm if the author you are writing about is well-known or not. The author should be known online, as per the notability guidelines. He should be verifiable.
  • Next, stick to the writing style that Wikipedia has approved. Ensure that the meaning of the content is straightforward. The message should be obvious, and there shouldn’t be any promotional content in it.
  • The information must be obtained from trustworthy sources. It should be simple to validate all of the references. The content should only contain reliable, accurate facts and statistics.
  • Research Details About the Author

In this step, information about the author is written; it must be objective and without any individual views. You must keep in mind that you are providing information, not making a pitch for the person or speaking highly of them. Find out what information must be included in order to create an author’s Wikipedia page. Make sure to clarify the understanding with research about the author with the details such as;

  • Format The Content with Reference

For the formatting of the content make sure to understand the SEO guideline. Understand how to format your content in an easily readable way. Subheadings can be used to define the content. Online readers tend to have the shortest span of attention, so make the text easy to review. Make use of the right formatting tools, and don’t forget to include images in your content.

After that, remember to properly cite the content. Indexing references is a requirement to have a thing according to Wikipedia guidelines. Verify again that each link is trustworthy and verified.

Wrapping Up with The Submission of The Page

Now is the time to submit your article for approval after taking all the steps outlined in this article. The approval process could take up to three to four months. You will receive a link to view your article after it has been published. Yet managing your submission is not the only thing you will need to do to receive approval. You will need to keep an eye on the page reviews that readers make in order to keep your reader engaged.

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