How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Athlete

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In such a competitive and fast-paced digital world, it is not easy nowadays to get notable and renowned by everyone. But Wikipedia is making it easy for everyone. Wikipedia as an encyclopedia is providing information on every subject and is accessible to everyone all around the globe. Creating a Wikipedia page for an athlete will help them get credibility among a huge audience in many ways.

Whenever it is about getting information related to anything, one can always get it from Wikipedia. Wikipedia serves as a free encyclopedia for a very long time, but now famous personalities like athletes are getting their personal Wikipedia pages. You may be curious about how to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete, and at first, it may seem daunting but by following the guidelines and policies mentioned by Wikipedia authorities on the Wikipedia policies and guidelines page one can get an amazing Wikipedia page.

With proper research and practice you can get an astounding Wikipedia page that will get you publicity. You can only edit an athlete page even without registration. However, getting yourself registered means you have certain rights that will enable you to communicate on the user’s page.

How to Make a Wikipedia Page for an Athlete – Eligibility Criteria?

You must have done an ample amount of research before indulging in the Wikipedia page creation process for an athlete. It is very important to be aware of the eligibility criteria of Wikipedia because Wikipedia is very specific about its guidelines and policies to be followed.

Before starting to create a Wikipedia page you must keep in mind that it is not an advertisement or endorsement platform or a social media platform where you share your accomplishments. Here are a few points that are important to be followed in order to be eligible to create and get your Wikipedia page approved by the Wikipedia authorities;

  • You need to remember that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia it is not a soap box.
  • You have to talk in a neutral tone while writing a Wikipedia page. Articles that are biased or partial are less likely to be accepted by Wikipedia authorities.
  • Wikipedia is an open-source encyclopedia, which means that anyone can access, create, edit, or use the content present on Wikipedia. But plagiarism is strictly prohibited on the platform and it can result in disapproval of a Wikipedia page getting published.
  • Etiquettes matter a lot when you are linked with Wikipedia it is important to avoid personal attacks and unfair criticism of your fellow Wikipedians.
  • Wikipedia changes its guidelines and policies as time and society evolve. It is important to update with time to stay relevant. Being bold is important but being inconsiderate in the procedure is not appreciated by Wikipedia.

Learn to Write the First Wikipedia Article for an Athlete

The sole purpose of Wikipedia is to provide valid and factual information to the visitors and readers of Wikipedia who want to get authentic information about something. It is not a social media platform where marketers can advertise or promote companies or products.

Well-researched and high-quality content is highly appreciated by Wikipedia. You can write information sourced from highly reputable books, publishers, newspapers, research papers, and well-known journals. If you are about to write your first article to publish on a Wikipedia page for an athlete, here are some most important tips to go through before writing your first Wikipedia article:

  • Wikipedia allows you to register your account which will enable you to create more articles after your first article gets successfully published. A username and a password are all you need to register on a Wikipedia page.
  • Practice makes a man perfect. Before you start to write a new article directly it is recommended to edit the existing Wikipedia articles to get an idea of writing articles according to the Wikipedia guidelines and policies.
  • Before you start to write an article look if it already exists. Sometimes articles about the same thing are present on Wikipedia with a difference, if that is the case you can always edit the already existing article.
  • You must cite the changes you made and don’t forget to mention the reliable links. Editors of Wikipedia delete the content you edited by labeling it as unsourced.
  • If the topic you are writing about is unique then make sure it is notable according to the definition of Wikipedia. Wikipedia deletes more than 200 articles every day due to doubt about its notability.
  • You can create your article in a draft space with the help of Article Wizard. Some of the useful templates will be added to your draft.

Rules to Write a Wikipedia Article for an Athlete

Wikipedia restricts its writers for the articles and binds them with certain rules and policies which have to be fulfilled in order to get the article published. Wikipedia authorities approve or disapprove the articles and Wikipedia page in the light of these policies. Below are the guidelines and policies that must be kept in consideration while creating and writing a Wikipedia article.

Clarity is a must

Be clear in what you are writing. Your delivery of information must be clear and factual to avoid anything which is ambiguous or which has a lack of surety. Don’t use jargon and slang language because Wikipedia prohibits anything informal or abusive. You must inform the editor of doing something necessary for the article.

Be very concise

Add information that is to the point and avoid adding unnecessary and irrelevant details which do not complement the article or are useless for the reader according to the context of the article. You can use footnotes and links for increasing the clarity of your article.

Be aware of your scope

Be sure of why you are writing the article and focus on your scope at the very start of the article as most readers only focus on the beginning of the article so you should work on making it interesting and focused.

Over-linking can ruin the authenticity of your article

Add the links in your article only when clarification is needed. They can look overdone if you add too many links that are not needed.

General Notability Guidelines on How to Make a Wikipedia Page for an Athlete

Make sure that the topic you choose must be suitable as a stand-alone article. Your article must sound credible and believable. It will resolve the ambiguity of the readers by providing them the optimum amount of information that is needed by them. Your article will look more trustworthy when you have reliable sources attached to it wherever it is necessary.

Add Reliable Resources

You need to have significant coverage of authentic resources to make your article look reliable and credible in the eyes of readers. Wikipedia believes in the collection of factual information and conveying it in the best way to the readers.

Significant Coverage

When you have significant coverage of your article you don’t need to mention the context directly that is all done by the reliable resources you add to your article. Your significant coverage doesn’t need to be the main topic of your article. It may only cover a part of your article.


Sources you add must be reliable and verifiable so that the editor will check the information and approve it. To increase the notability of your article you must include reliable and trustworthy sources.

Independent of the subject

Work that is not affiliated with someone is considered to be independent. Your article must be independent of the subject. Content like advertisements and press releases does not seem to be independent of the subject.

Who can Make a Page for an Athlete on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia allows everyone to create an Athlete page on Wikipedia. Normal people do not usually know how to create a Wikipedia page for an athlete. It is advised to get professional help while creating a Wikipedia page. Many professional Wikipedia page creators are remarkably familiar or making Wikipedia pages according to guidelines and policies mentioned by the Wikipedia authorities. They make it obvious to meet every demand of the authorities so that an ideal Wikipedia page and article would be created.

5 Codes that will Simplify How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Athlete

There are a few reasons why it is important for Athletes to have a Wikipedia page, go through the bullet points below to have an idea;

  • It increases your online visibility.
  • Wikipedia pages have a strong history of delivering credible information to your fans and readers.
  • The main focus of a Wikipedia article is “No Yellow Journalism.”
  • Wikipedia pages help to maintain notability and credibility which will be helpful for an athlete.
  • Due to its credibility Wikipedia articles are famous for driving traffic which will indirectly increase the fan base from all around the globe.

Concluding Words

Creating a Wikipedia page for an athlete is not an easy task to do. But you can do it for sure by practicing editing the already-created Wikipedia pages. You can learn the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia. It is recommended to get help from page creators so that there will be no stone unturned to make an astounding Wikipedia page.

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