How to Create a Wikipedia Page for a Politician

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Politicians are the people wanting to be a member of the government or are a member of the government. They are counted as one of the most influential people in a region or country. For them, it is important to create a Wikipedia page to make their notability and credibility stable among the audience. Wikipedia provides politicians an amazing opportunity to maintain their image online because it is a go-to platform for everyone and anywhere to get information.

Wikipedia is one of the most used encyclopedias online which is accessible by everyone all around the globe. It is the platform that hosts millions of pages and articles in more than 300 languages. If you are a politician and you want to create a Wikipedia page you need to learn How to create Wikipedia page for politician.

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to create Wikipedia pages, as Wikipedia authorities are very strict about its guidelines and policies to be followed by the page creators. So, it is difficult for normal people to get Wikipedia approved by the Wikipedia page, in this case, you can take professional help. As many professional Wikipedia page creation agencies are willing to help people who are seeking help on How to make a Wikipedia page for politicians.

In this content, you will get a deep insight into how to create a Wikipedia page for politicians. You can follow the below-mentioned guidelines and steps to create a Wikipedia page for a politician.

Things You Need to Understand for How to Make a Wikipedia Page for Politicians

Before you indulge in knowing How to create a Wikipedia page for politician? You have to gain optimum knowledge about how Wikipedia processes its work mechanism. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia where one can find any information from anywhere. It is one of the most trusted and credible platforms which is well known to provide valid and factual information to its readers.

  • Wikipedia is very precise about its verifiability and other guidelines that are projected by the authorities of the platform, so you can expect to come across some practical limitations in the articles and content present in them.
  • Do not consider Wikipedia as a dictionary or a guide. The articles present on Wikipedia cannot be used for definitions, meanings, or the use of jargon or slang.
  • Wikipedia is not an advertisement platform; individuals are not allowed to use it for their personal interest or brand endorsements. Wikipedia does not allow you to showcase or share your original ideas or personal thoughts.
  • Wikipedia allows everyone to edit the pages and articles, but one cannot consider it a community process.

How to Make a Wikipedia Page for Politicians and Get It Approved?

If you are wondering about how to create a Wikipedia page for politician? You need to first understand that making a Wikipedia page is not an overnight process. It costs you months to create Wikipedia pages. Making a Wikipedia page involves many things like the idea, topic selection, and creation then comes publication which is itself a battle. But if you go according to the official process and follow every step mentioned in guidelines and policies, then it will provide you ease. Because proper outlines will make you move forward more smoothly.

Following the correct path and not skipping anything in between will make it easier for you to get a Wikipedia page. You need to be sure and handle everything with perfection to avoid any mishap in the process of making a Wikipedia page for a politician.

What are the Steps Needed Before Creating a Wikipedia Page for a Politician?

Creating a Wikipedia is a step-by-step process, you cannot move forward to the next step without performing the previous steps with perfection and proper satisfaction. If you go by following the right process and plan everything before committing, you can get your Wikipedia page approved very easily.

Wikipedia authorities do not allow every page to get approved so you have to be very careful with every step involved in making a Wikipedia page. Below are the steps you need to follow in order to create a Wikipedia page for a politician.

  • Check for the Authenticity of the Politician

You must check for the criteria on the Wikipedia guidelines of being eligible of getting a Wikipedia page . It is true that Wikipedia allows everyone to edit and write a Wikipedia page but to get a Wikipedia for a politician you have to be sure that the politician is already a notable personality. The politician should be mentioned in some authentic and reliable external sources.

External sources are very important. Because they can be used as references. If the politicians have no external sources where they are mentioned, the editors of the Wikipedia page will directly disapprove of the page.

  • Check if the Page Already Exists

It is a very important and foremost step to check if the page about the politician already exists on Wikipedia or not if they are a famous politician then there is a very high possibility that their page already exists on Wikipedia. Otherwise, all your efforts in creating and writing the page will go in vain. You have to be very sure to pick the topic and be considerate about the uniqueness of the topic you are writing on.

  • Conduct Detail Research for the References and Citation You Are Adding

Wikipedia is very sensitive to references and citations , as they play a vital role to prove your article’s credibility. When you create a page for a politician the information you have sourced from trustworthy sites and pages has great importance. So, never forget to mention all the credible and trustworthy sites and references you have gathered information from as they have great importance in the authenticity of your Wikipedia page.

One can get all the information from well-known blogs, journals, books , magazines, research papers, and websites. Good and credible references will help your Wikipedia page get approved immediately.

  • Go Through the Guidelines Thoroughly

If you don’t want your article to get rejected by the Wikipedia authorities then it is a must to properly follow each and everything mentioned in Wikipedia guidelines . In case of violation, Wikipedia authorities will disapprove your page. While creating a Wikipedia page be considerate of following all the guidelines and policies.

Everything About the Writing Process of a Wikipedia Page for a Politician

When you have surety of the notability and authenticity of a politician from other reliable sources and gathered and mentioned all the citations and references of the sources. Now you need to move to the next step and that is to start writing the article. Below are the steps you need to follow while writing a Wikipedia page. with deep consideration, you can win this area too.

  • Maintain an Outline

Formatting an outline will make your job easier. Wikipedia professionals suggest creating an outline to avoid any problems related to formatting or errors in the layout of the article. You have to put everything in order as mentioned by the Wikipedia authorities in Wikipedia guidelines. Following the wrong format for the article will make you mix up the facts and information about the politicians.

By following a proper outline, you will have an idea about what to write and where and you will not get off track while writing.

  • Start Writing your First Draft

This is the step where you actually start to write your Wikipedia article. You have to be sure of the guidelines and start writing your articles according to the parameters of the guidelines. You have to include all the factual and authentic information about the politician and add references wherever they are needed. You can go through the content policies of Wikipedia to make your article look professional and appealing.

It is very important to deliver the information and fact in a very formal tone in the Wikipedia article. You have to keep in mind that there is a huge difference between a blog and an article. Write the article according to the outline and then format your Wikipedia page. Try to be very concise and precise about the article and avoid any jargon or invalid information as Wikipedia strictly prohibit it.

  • Edit the Draft

The most vital step in the writing procedure is editing. No matter how perfectly you write there is always room for errors and mistakes. Look for the errors and mistakes and correct them. The mistakes can be simple grammatical ones or they could be in mentioning some very crucial information that you have missed.

It is always better to take a second opinion, it could be from your family, friends, or your other fellow editors and writers. Crosscheck your article or writing to make sure that you followed every guideline and policy mentioned by Wikipedia.

  • Create Your Wikipedia Account

After writing an astounding Wikipedia article now all you have to do is to create an account on Wikipedia . You can edit articles on Wikipedia without owning an account but to create a page on Wikipedia for a Politician you need to have a registered account. For that, you need to go on to the create account page on Wikipedia. Don’t worry, creating a Wikipedia page is not the only perk of making an account on Wikipedia, there are many other benefits you can get by creating a Wikipedia page. You can avail of the member-only tool and many other benefits too.

  • Submit Your Article

The final step is to submit your article. You have to wait until after submitting your article to the Wikipedia authorities. The Wikipedia authorities will take about 3 to 6 months to review and approve your article if it matches the criteria, otherwise, your article will be sent to you for alterations.


This was a brief guide on how to create a Wikipedia page and what majors you have to take while creating a Wikipedia page and writing a Wikipedia article. In this fast-paced era of technology, to maintain the credibility and notability of a politician it is important to have a Wikipedia page. While writing for Wikipedia just be very accurate about whatever information you are writing.

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