How To Create A Wikipedia Biography Page

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Wikipedia is one of the finest websites on the internet that provide information about any topic or subject with the defined sources. As per Statista in May 2022, the global visitors of the platforms were 5.1 billion and all of them were unique.

Now, according to Wikipedia Statistics, it gets almost 10 billion views per month. Wikipedia has its own importance for the audience and it keeps the project worthy for them. Every article on the platform is a treasure box of information and factual data.

Writing A Wikipedia Biography

On the website, you can find topics related to anything, such as biography. The biographies are very popular and many are writing them to discuss their life with their fans and inspire others. What they do is create a Wikipedia biography to reach more audiences.

There are many things that one should consider when one wants to have their own biography on a Wikipedia page.

Can You Write Your Own Biography On Wikipedia?

The answer to this question is a NO! You cannot write your biography Wikipedia page. Wikipedia doesn’t allow biased content and when you write about your own biography on the page, it will leave an impact of biased information and content.

This is why the platform has a conflict of interest policy. Due to this policy, the person cannot create a page or article on Wikipedia, and not only for own self, but they cannot create a page for individual in the family, colleague, friend, own business, company, or anything that is directly related to them.

It is suggested that you hire a third party to create a page and submit it on the platform. Although they also have to disclose that they are the paid editors, so no reason left for rejection of your Wikipedia page because of the policy.

Some Important Guidelines To Create Wikipedia Biography Page

Wikipedia is a known platform and it doesn’t have any room for error. To maintain the quality and credibility of the content on the website, Wikipedia has set some policies and guidelines for the ones who want to create a page here.

Here are some of the most important guidelines;


The subject has to be notable enough to have a page on Wikipedia. Notability basically refers to a term that means that the subject on which the Wikipedia page is being written has some achievements and recognitions to be eligible on the page.

If the subject doesn’t have anything to showcase or deliver to the audience then it will not be published on the platform.

No Original Research

No Original Research means that you are not allowed to include any of your own research on the platform. It can include surveys, interviews, and other materials, such as case studies. Everything you add to the content, and every statement to be made must have an already published reference.

Neutral Point Of View

The content of the page you are writing on the platform must have a neutral point of view. It should not represent any kind of positivity or negativity about the subject. It would be considered as biased content and will be rejected by the website. That is why you have to make sure that you only write the facts that you gather from your research.


Verifiability refers to the idea that the statements you are adding to the content must have a link to verifiable resources. It could be anything a book, news reports, case studies (published), journals, blogs, interviews, and other things that ensure that the statements you are including are backed up with a strong source.


One of the things that you should focus on more is plagiarism. While gathering resources and collecting information, you only have to gather the facts and data. Don’t copy them, or it will be considered as theft of the information and data. If the official editors on the website found plagiarism, your page will get rejected.


When one writes on the platform, they have to follow all the guidelines, rules, and regulations of Wikipedia. If by any means the content defeat any of the policy, it will be considered as vandalism. You have to make sure that there is no personal attachment either to individual, and that the tone of your content doesn’t feel harsh to others about any matter, topic, or other subjects.

How To Write Your Own Wikipedia Bio?

Writing a Wikipedia page will become much easier when you get to know about the platform and understand its rules and regulations. After that, you have to follow some steps to create a Wikipedia biography.

How To Create A Wikipedia Biography Page – The Pre-Writing Phase

Before you start to write a Wikipedia page, you have to prepare before. The main reasons for early preparation are that it will help you in completing the writing phase much more easily. The pre-writing phase includes the following steps;

Researching And Gathering Material

To create a Wikipedia biography that has an impact, you must have gathered all the sources from which you can find relatable facts and information about the subject. Make sure that the sources you are gathering are reliable and credible enough to ensure the readers that you have written everything right and accurately. You have to cite every resource under your article in the reference section.

Read Previous Articles On The Website

If you want to understand how to make a Wikipedia biography that doesn’t get rejected, then you have to read the articles and pages that are already published on the platform. You have to make sure that you understand the writing style of the platform and get an idea about how you are going to format your content. Apart from this, it is also important that you know how the other used the information and data in their content.

Read Every Guideline

Although, some of the important guidelines of the platform are mentioned above. But it is also necessary that you read the other rules and regulations on the platform also. This will help you create content that is appropriate and according to the standard of Wikipedia. The website is very strict in case of its guidelines, that is why it is suggested that you spend a good time understanding them.

How To Write A Wikipedia Biography – The Writing Phase

In this phase, you will start writing about your biography Wikipedia page. When you understand the quality of the content that is acceptable on the platform along with the guidelines, you will have a clear knowledge and can write the best Wikipedia page.

Creating An Outline

How to create a Wikipedia bio? It will become much easier for you to write the biography Wikipedia page on the platform when you have an outline. Brainstorm, and sort the information and data that you have collected before to create a well-designed outline for your content.

Write The First Draft

After creating the outline, you can easily write the first draft of your content. It is quite imaginable that your first draft might not be good enough, but you just have to write. Keep your instinct and don’t stop until you create your first draft for the Wikipedia biography page. Don’t stop to edit, it will be done in the next step. Right now, at this step, you just have to write until you complete it.

Edit Until You Get The Best

Now is the time to edit your draft. After you complete your first draft let it sit for 1 to 2 days because you cannot pick out the mistakes as soon as you finish the writing. That is why it is always suggested by the expert that you keep your draft for one to two days before starting editing. This will help you to pick out the mistakes more easily. Then remove any mistakes you see, such as spelling mistakes, grammar, sentence fragments, incomplete sentences, and others.

You can also take help from anyone else such as your friend, colleague, or anyone who is good with editing, and remove the mistakes that you neglect while editing.

Finalize Your Draft

Finally, you will sort out the final draft that you will submit to the platform. Make sure that you add the references properly. And if you want to add any image, then it is also necessary to take care of it. These small things can make an impact on your submission.

How To Make A Wikipedia Biography – Submission Phase

Now that you have the draft ready for your Wikipedia page, then you can submit the content on the platform. There are the following steps that you will follow to submit the page on the platform.

Create An Account

Wikipedia allows you to edit any page without creating an account on the platform, but if you want to write an article on the platform, you must create an account before. Without the account, you will not be able to have a Wikipedia page.

To create an account, visit the official website of the platform and click the create account button in the upper right corner. After that, you will have to include all the information about yourself and request the account. The platform will send a verification message on the provided email. And when you are verified, the account is ready to use.

Make 10 Edits

If you want to be eligible for creating a page on the platform, then you have to follow the two rules of the platform, one is that your account must have to be at least 4 days old and you must have to make 10 edits on the already published pages. This is a way Wikipedia considered that the user will get the infight about the platform’s articles.

Visit Sandbox

Now you have to visit the sandbox, here you have to click on the user page. And here you will see a textbox. Paste the content here that you have written about the content. After that click, the Publish changes button and follow up the steps to submit your page.

The Approval Duration

It must take almost a minimum of three months and a maximum of six months to get your page approved. And no one wants to wait for that long to get their page rejected. That is why it is suggested that you take care of everything before submitting your page. It must have to be according to Wikipedia submission standards.

How To Write A Wikipedia Biography – Post Submission Phase

If your page gets rejected, then you have to make edits to make your article good. But if fortunately, your page gets accepted that you have to follow the below tricks.

Edit Your Page

After you get your page approved, you don’t have to abandon it. This is really important for you to keep editing your page to make it much better.

Update It Accordingly

It is another necessary element for you to update your page regularly. Sometimes people left their page after it gets approved and it results in outdated information and data. That is why you must update your page regularly with the latest detail.

Maintain Your Page

Maintenance is another special element to keep your page as per the standard of Wikipedia. The thing here to note is that Wikipedia allows anyone to make an edit on the platform without any restriction. Which means that anyone can edit your page. So, it is up to you to ensure that you keep the page maintained.

Tip: You can enable the notification from the settings as it notifies you when editor makes a change on your page.


So, creating a Wikipedia page for your biography is a very critical process. It requires a lot of attention and effort. The steps above showed how you can have a page on the platform for your biography. It is good that you take help from professionals. They will guide you throughout the process and help you create a page on the platform.

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