How to Create A Google Knowledge Panel

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Have you ever noticed an information box on the right corner of the Google results page? When you conduct a search for a subject, such as a famous person, company, or brand, relevant information comes up. That is known as The Google Knowledge Panel. In other words, it serves as a digital business card and will include a small paragraph outlining the celebrity or business. In that paragraph contains the basic information about the subject such as who they are, what they do, what makes them notable, and other pertinent information.

This Google Knowledge Panel is not only used to present the information but also assist a person or their brand to increase the SEO ranking through click-through rates. The information on this panel shows what the user searches for, and is known for its credibility of the information. Usually, the information used in this panel is collected from Wikipedia, The CIA World Factbook, and LinkedIn.

Firstly, Understanding What Is A Google Knowledge Panel?

A Google Knowledge Panel is a visual representation of information about a specific person or a business that is displayed on the right-hand side of the Google search results. Whenever anyone conducts a search about that specific topic, it appears on the right side of your screen as the search results.

The main purpose of this knowledge panel is to help the users with all the basic information they are searching for in Google. This information is collected from different sources, but they hold credibility. This knowledge panel helps that brand or person to enhance their SEO, as all the data is gathered from different online sources with the help of Google Knowledge Graph. To maintain the credibility of the information on this panel, the Google algorithm uses information that is 100% authentic and is stored in the knowledge graph.

Basic Facts About Google Knowledge Graph

To understand Google Knowledge Graph, know that this is used by Google to collect information to help in generating information panels for SERPs. By understanding the relationship between the information the things help Google to understand more accurately what a person is trying to search for. The information in the Google Knowledge Graph is automatically created from a number of different sources and includes information on places, people, businesses, and more.

Sometimes information from our Knowledge Graph, a collection of billions of facts about people, places, and things, appears in Google’s search results. For instance, the knowledge panel will display the results of a Google search for a place or a person. As for the knowledge panel, its primary goal is to properly understand and be simple to find, with factual information.

What Information Is Included In The Google Knowledge Panel?

Before understanding How To Create A Google Knowledge Panel, firstly knowing what information needs to be included in the knowledge panel is important. As the information that has to be added to the panel needs to be authentic and relevant to the search, this featured information separates a specific topic from other relevant data.

In the general Google Knowledge Panel, the basic information includes,

  • The title of the topic and a brief intro.
  • Detailed information on the topic.
  • Relevant image or series of images.
  • Key facts and personal information.
  • Quotations and notable sayings if any.
  • Links to social media profiles and official websites.

And if the knowledge panel is made for a business or a brand, then it must include

  • Name of the business or brand, make sure to use the name relevant to the business.
  • Detailed information, which includes the services they are providing when it was founded and other information.
  • Highlight the main objective and service of the business.
  • Location and address, to inform the people where is it
  • Further information, such as working hours, employee stats, and reviews.

How To Create A Google Knowledge Graph?

To give a professional look to the topic for whom the Google Knowledge Panel is created, Google collects information from all credible sources and embraces it into its Knowledge Graph. Before figuring out How To Generate A Google Knowledge Panel, here listed down some of the reasons why a Google Knowledge Graph is important;

  • Enhance the online visibility of the brand or the personality.
  • Increases the authenticity and credibility
  • Improves the connection on SERPs.

Here are the basic steps to follow to get your data in the Google Knowledge Graph

Create An Account on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the largest online encyclopedias and is trusted by almost 90% of its users because of its accuracy and credibility of information. Google also mostly relies on information from Wikipedia as well.

So, by creating an account and page on Wikipedia will eventually assist the business or a person not only to get into the Google Knowledge Graph but also helps to appear on the results that are pulled out for knowledge graphs.

Make Social Media Profiles

In the world of social media, having social media pages and profiles for a person or a business is essential to increase their online presence. So, make sure to create profiles on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. These social profiles help businesses to promote them, as the links are added to the panel.

Content and Format

While creating and writing content for the page, you should make it more humanize if you want to appear on the knowledge graph Google. As it is known that Google prefers content that is written for audiences than for Google’s algorithm.

While creating content make sure to add links to the pages or the main site, add visual representations such as images, videos, or graphics, and the additional information in detail to make it relevant.

Usage of Keyword

The main focus of the Google algorithm is the correct use of keywords. So it is important to add keywords to appear in the Google Knowledge Graph. While adding keywords make sure to add them in the content’s URL, H1, tagline, meta description, image names, alt descriptions, introduction, body, and lastly in the concluding paragraph. But make sure not to stuff your content with too many keywords to avoid being spammed by Google.

Content Promotion

The work is not finished after the creation of a page with content following the Google algorithm, now comes the promotional work. The first step is always to submit your website URL to Google. Another effective way to promote your content is through social media. Generate traffic through paid ads or organically, to help the page to enhance its rank notability.

Google’s algorithms will eventually visit your page. When that happens, then you will observe the outstanding content you have created and the clear description of the idea. Also, if you’ve designed it to be user-friendly, you’ll probably appear in the Knowledge Graph.

How To Claim Knowledge Panel In Google

If you are a representative of a business or a person for the creation of the Google Knowledge Panel, Google gives you the official opportunity to claim that panel. Here are the basic steps to help you claim your Knowledge Panel;

  • The first step is to create or sign in to a Gmail account. It would be better if you create a business profile.
  • Now start the search for the topic for the knowledge panel, target the topic that helps the business or a person to increase the online presence.
  • After finding the knowledge panel of your business or a person you represent, click on the “Claim this knowledge panel” option.
  • Get verified as the official representative of that entity by signing up to the official sites.
  • Make sure to add access to more users, and other team members.
  • After the verification process and adding other users, keep in mind that only the owner has the authority.

A Step-By-Step Guide To How To Create A Google Knowledge Panel

Still, wondering How Do I Create a Google Knowledge Panel? Here is the step-by-step process;

  • Make Sure To Create A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is the most trustworthy informational website. It is without a doubt the main source of the vast majority of Knowledge Graph results on Google. Make sure to have a page on the topic for the panel because Wikipedia is known for being a remarkably accurate source of factual information. It is simple to register for a Wikipedia account.

  • Just visit
  • Provide the necessary details such as Username, Password, and Email address.
  • After this process, create a page for the brand or a person.

So, when an individual or business has a Wikipedia page, it will naturally show up in the Google Knowledge Panel.

  • Also, Create a Page on Wikidata

Another main information source used by Google to build a knowledge panel is Wikidata, as an open-source platform that has expanded and risen significantly in popularity over the past few years. It has a similar impact to Wikipedia, but it serves a much more closely focused and specialized customer experience. Hence, if you want your name to appear in the Google Knowledge panel, you must develop your online presence through this platform.

  • Be engaged more on social media

On a knowledge panel, not just the social media accounts listed; there are also details about companies or individuals that are available. Thus, if you want to promote your company or person on a broader scale and appear in the Google Search Panel, stay active on the various social media platforms.

Thus, you should create accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. That is the most incredible source for letting Google search users know you are there. To market your brand through Knowledge Graph, you need to build an engaging social presence.

  • Knowing the Importance of Scheme Markup

Google can more quickly and accurately scan the contents of the main website thanks to the adoption of structured data on the website. It makes it easier for search engines to comprehend the structuring of the main website’s content. The CTRs will undoubtedly improve as soon as you implement the scheme markup, as will the online visibility.

Moreover, make use of meta tags to describe the website with as much information as feasible. Improve the meta tags by using the main term in the meta description and title. Furthermore, include information on the writers.

  • Make the Perfect use of Local Directories

In the last step, be sure to use local directories correctly because the Google Knowledge Panel also includes a list of local stores. By creating a Google Business account, be sure to include your business.

If you’re local, it makes sense to do this anyhow because it allows your business to be included on Google Maps and appears in the Knowledge panel, where customers may give reviews and comments about the services. That is fundamental local SEO.

Summarizing The Importance of Having Google Knowledge Panel

In short, if a business or a person wants to increase online visibility, they should not neglect the importance of having a Google Knowledge Panel. Knowledge panel helps in driving traffic, as someone searches for relevant topics on the search engine, with perfect SEO, your topic can easily appear as the top search on the knowledge panel.

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